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Upcoming Courses

The following is a list of courses coming up in the next 2 months. You can view our complete course calendar, and enrol online now!

Options 5th, 8th or 9th August 2018 (.5 days) | Intensive Small Group Play Therapy Supervision with Josephine Martin In FIJI

Don't miss out - closing soon!

Intensive play therapy small group (maximum of 3) supervision for 3 hours for Provisional and Registered Play Therapists(RPTs) from Australia and NZ with Josephine Martin (RPT-S with APPTA). The Inte...

Options 5th, 8th and 9th August 2018 (.5 days) | Intensive Small Group Play Therapy Supervision with Dr. Brandy Schumann In FIJI

Don't miss out - closing soon!

Intensive play therapy supervision for Provisionals and RPTs from Australia, N.Z. and the U.S.A. These 3 hour small group supervision (3 members) will provide attendees with an intensive supervision...

5th August 2018 (.5 days) | Play Therapy and Trauma Master Class (3 hrs) with Dr. Brandy Schumann and Josephine Martin

Don't miss out - closing soon!

This amazing three-hour Master Class will provide participants with a unique opportunity to hear about what it is like to undertake Play Therapy with significantly traumatised children. To hear firs...

6th and 7th of August 2018 (2 days) | CONFERENCE: 'Come Play with Me Fiji!' - Trauma Is The Fun Killer - Educate, Invigorate and Capacity Build - SUVA, FIJI

Don't miss out - closing soon!

Join us for our first ever conference in Suva, Fiji where an engaging collection of Australian and international presenters will explore the world of trauma and play therapy. Donna Zander Qura & Apaku...

8th and 9th of August 2018 (2 days) | 'THE SECRETS OF WATER' - Water Play Therapy 2 Day Workshop with its developer from Israel YAEL LIVNEH in SUVA , FIJI

Don't miss out - closing soon!

Water Play Therapy (WPT) is an innovative approach to play therapy and art therapy, utilizes water as an expressive medium with which children can express their feelings and project their personal nar...

Wednesday 8th August 2018 (.5 days) | Introduction to Play Therapy-The Basics! with Josephine Martin in FIJI

Don't miss out - closing soon!

Introduction to Play Therapy - the basics. If the conference got you motivated this introduction to Play Therapy workshop will support you with continued Play therapy learning. While 3 hours won...

8th August 2018 (.5 days) | Play Therapy with Teenagers-Adults Dr. Brandy Schumann (U.S.A.)

Don't miss out - closing soon!

Incorporating Play Therapy with Teenagers/Adults will cover: Therapy on the Square which offers multiple approaches to counselling teens and adolescents to best suit the needs of the individual clien...

9th August 2018 (.5 days) | Advanced Play Therapy Workshop (3 hrs) for Registered/Accredited Play Therapists with Dr. Brandy Schumann & Josephine Martin

Don't miss out - closing soon!

All too often we begin to get into bad practitioner habits. This workshop is for registered Play Therapists who want to improve and revisit their clinical skills in the areas of language, limit sett...

Friday 10th August 2018 (1 day) | Come Play With Me Fiji! VILLAGE LIFE EDUCATIONAL TOUR

This is a full day educational tour designed to meet the interests and learning needs of Conference Participants. We will leave the Novatel Lami hotel in Suva and make our way by bus over the Rewa riv...

23rd and 24th of August 2018 (2 days) | 'Creating the New Dream!' - Treating the Trauma of Domestic and Family Violence - A Feminist Strengths Based CBT Approach - MELBOURNE

This workshop is targeted at advanced practitioners either working in a specific counselling role within the family violence field or endeavouring to move into this work. This workshop aims to provid...

17th of October 2018 (1 day) | P.L.A.Y. - "Play, Laughter, Art, Animals & You!" - MELBOURNE

WE were all children and young people once, first we PLAYED then we "HUNG OUT" and now we WORK. This one day workshop will explore the theoretical underpinnings of trauma work with children and young ...

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Our first conference in Fiji

Workshop testimonials

"Absolutely fantastic. I felt inadequate to present anything on this subject at the school but now the fear factor has dissolved. Thanks Donna and Mark"

- Teachers and School staff who attended Young People and Domestic Violence Training

"I think every police officer should have to do the course, because it's a different type of training that can help you to deal with family violence situations"

- Victoria Police Officers who attended Family Violence Training

"Donna monthly supervision was fantastic, she really has helped me to integrate theory into my practice and has inspired me to achieve and be my best even when the constraints and challenges of my role were really confronting me"

- Children's Counsellor, Family Violence Service