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Training and courses to help deal with a variety of challenging situations

Management training program

Donna Zander & Associates is an Accredited Social Worker by AASWOur Management training program is designed for those who are taking on a management role and covers strategic planning, operational management, financial management; workforce planning; organisational culture and change management.

All customized sessions are experiential, discussion based, and enable your staff to explore the specific issues of their workplace and roles.

Organizations generally provide a venue and catering and minimal audio visual equipment.

The cost of each package is quoted specifically according to the location of the training and number of participants attending. For more information about how we can meet your organisation's customized training requirements and to organise a quote, contact Donna Zander on 0411-399-747 or via our online training enquiries form.

The Roller Coaster Ride of Private Practice!

This workshop aims to explore the challenges and triumphs of private practice for those who are contemplating the roller coaster ride and those who are on it. It will explore everything from: business planning and development; Medicare and mental health and other business revenue opportunities; financial management and recommended fee schedules; to marketing skills; isolation and networking. The ride is one of being a "jack" and /or most likely "jill" of many skills and areas of expertise that our training did not prepare us for. Beyond the lure of money, private practitioners agree on the non-tangible rewards of working with people, unencumbered by the bureaucracy of an agency setting. "It's very challenging in terms of getting a reputation and building on that. But it's incredibly rewarding. And there will always be people who are looking for good therapy and service" So come along for this workshop ride and let"s see where we all end up as the allied health professions compete for a seat!


Team Leaders - "The Meat In The Sandwich" (one or two day programs)

A practical workshops to learn and develop team leadership skills: it will cover the role of team leadership; tools for assessing your team functioning; strategies for creating and maintaining effective teamwork and cohesion; addressing conflict and performance issues; leading in a changing environment; supervising staff; dealing with difficult team members. This is also an opportunity to meet and share ideas with others in the powerful team leadership role.


Group facilitation skills (one or two day programs)

Working with groups? Support or Educational or therapeutic? Like a recharge? New ideas? Strategies that assist in difficult situations? How do we market and increase participation? Maintain motivation and energy? Deal with resistance, domination, apathy, conflicts and more. This program is stimulating practical and enjoyable! Learning goals: how to plan for a program; a variety of facilitation techniques, how to facilitate discussion; co-facilitate effectively and use icebreakers that work.


Presentation skills

Are you daunted by the prospect of speaking in front of an audience? On Television? Radio? Build your confidence and skill in making stimulating and effective presentations: techniques to engage an audience; structured presentation; get your message across; make an impact; use appropriate body language; manage those "public speaking nerves".


Train the Trainer (3 days)

Do you conduct skills training? Community information sessions? Volunteer training? Training programs of any kind? This is a highly experiential program which will give you practical strategies and skills to plan and deliver and review/evaluate training.

Learning goals: identify training needs and learning objectives; design programs which increase participant motivation and participation; include a variety of adult learning styles; maintain energy and interests; deal with difficult group dynamics; deliver professional and dynamic presentations; use a host of new activities and learning processes; conduct meaningful evaluation and assessment; build your confidence in delivering effective training programs.


Professional supervision skills

Theoretical frameworks and practical skills for the health and community services professionals who are required to provide supervision of professional practice: what is it and why do it? Exploring Alfred Kadushin"s traditions model six essentials of supervisory skills; when and how to use them; preparing yourself and your supervisee; establishing a supervision agreement; giving feedback constructively including performance appraisal and the differences between it and performance management. We will explore practical dilemmas using case studies and how to deal with both them and take care of yourself in the process.


Time and workload management

Get yourself better organised: understand and develop your natural style; set and negotiate changing priorities; deal with the unexpected; lessen stress; use planning tools and strategies; practical tips for saving time; managing e-mail; delegating tasks and more.