Education & Training

Training and courses to help deal with a variety of challenging situations

Mission statement & Business philosophy

To develop and deliver effective, high quality learning and development activities, consultancy and advice to the community sector, to enhance outcomes for the community through empowering services and practitioners to improve the quality of care provided.

Goals & Objectives

Our goals and objectives include:

  • High quality learning and development activities for the sector, leading to the development of a responsive and effective workforce.
  • Relevant learning and development which increases the quality of community services and has a positive effect on the lives of their service users.
  • Advice and advocacy with relevant stakeholders that reflects the needs of the community and community sector.
  • Discussion and debate that enhances understanding of the importance of learning and development in the sector.
  • A point of contact for health and community services professionals and services seeking learning and development support, advice or programs.
  • A return on investment in financial and non-financial terms which ensures the ongoing viability of the unit.


Our education and training services for governments, the police, community service and health sector organizations, schools and industry include:

  • Tailored programs delivered by our experts for your accredited providers
  • Development of education materials
  • Individual and group supervision
  • Expert commentary for audio visual resources and media
  • Seminars and workshops for policy makers, practitioners and community development staff

Our education and training services have delivered:

  • Internationally endorsed training sessions for health and welfare practitioners and for people affected by trauma. Including at the International Conference on Homicide 2008 and the International Conference on Children Exposed to Domestic Violence and the World Congress on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 2007.
  • Skills development for psychologists and social workers in Victoria on how to identify, assess and treat posttraumatic and comorbid mental health problems in people recovering from trauma and serious crime
  • Information sessions about relevant child protection and family violence legislation changes and its impact on practice in the sector
  • Skills development workshops for mental health practitioners on evidence-based trauma focused treatment for traumatic stress syndromes
  • Targeted and tailored training for Victoria Police on family violence with over 1000 members trained since 2004
  • Workshops for secondary school students on family and dating violence and human rights