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Professional Development Supervision

Donna Zander & Associates is an Accredited Social Worker by AASWThe Learning and Development Unit offers supervision to psychologists, social workers, and counsellors in different settings, as well as managers and other professionals. All supervisors are accredited through their respective professional associations. The unit offers supervision directed towards individual practice styles and interests, and also group supervision (maximum of 4 participants).

What is Professional Supervision?

Professional supervision is a process that allows professionals a regular opportunity to clarify and resolve, with an experienced fellow practitioner, issues and dilemmas presented by their clients and workplaces. This process broadens perspectives on dealing with clients and their concerns. Supervision also assists to maintain good clinical skills, enhance work performance, reduce risk of burnout, expand professional links and increase job satisfaction. Regular reflective supervision demonstrates good practice, particularly in the case of new graduates and sole practitioners. The scope of supervision discussions includes: clinical, workplace, career, professional, legal and ethical issues. Supervision usually occurs fortnightly for an hour or otherwise as arranged. Generally we are available during business hours however after times are available by arrangement. It is possible to have professional supervision for only a few sessions. Individual supervision agreements are drawn up as required. We offer supervision to those of you in regional areas, either via use of skype or we can offer a system whereby the supervisee meets the supervisor one session in three, the other two by telephone contact. Our costs are according to the relevant professional body recommendations and are listed in the costs section with supervisees being invoiced monthly.



We as fellow professionals support the desire for achieving maximum standards and personal satisfaction in the workplace, and we provide a place and opportunity to raise issues, to explore problems, and to find new ways of handling both professional and personal encounters. While we primarily work with psychologists and social workers, our services are also available for other professionals employed as practitioners in:

  • hospitals
  • community centres
  • private practice
  • schools
  • local government
  • state and federal government departments
  • child welfare
  • centres against sexual assault
  • family violence services
  • child welfare
  • non-government organisations


Our supervision team

Donna Zander

Donna Zander - outstanding educator of issues relating to survivors of traumaDonna Zander is a social worker and outstanding supervisor with a background and training including:

  • relationships with partners, friends, family, peers or colleagues
  • risk and crisis management
  • cross-cultural issues
  • life transition
  • mental health
  • addiction
  • disability
  • workload, time and stress management
  • gender and sexuality
  • discrimination
  • harassment and abuse
  • trauma
  • grief/bereavement
  • workplace/organisational issues
  • international education
  • change management
  • managing critical incidents
  • training needs analysis
  • burn out
  • communications
  • promotion of cultural diversity
  • team building
  • employees at risk


Finding the Right Supervisor

Ideal supervisors are those who respect, support and nurture supervisees resources and strengths, in a learning environment conducive to professional development. This is often an intimate process, and you might like to ask yourself:

  • What are my goals in seeking supervision?
  • What is the style and philosophy of the supervisor that I am seeking?
  • How will I evaluate my supervisor?
  • What specific techniques or tools do I want to learn?


How do I get started?

Once we receive your application via email to our contact us page, together with C.V., Donna will ring and arrange the introductory, no-obligation meeting. We hope to arrange the introductory meeting within ten days of receiving the application. Accurate and comprehensive contact details will help us to do this. If after the first meeting with the allocated supervisor you feel the match is not right let Donna know as soon as possible, and we will endeavour to arrange a better match for you. We encourage clear and honest communication at all times.


Evaluation and Quality Assurance

Evaluation of the service occurs in several ways:

  • Six-monthly review by supervisor and supervisee
  • Completion of regular evaluation form by supervisee