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Training and courses to help deal with a variety of challenging situations

Tailoring training for you

Customised organisational training workshops or seminars on a range of topics are available. We specialise in: trauma, child abuse, sexual assault and rape; family and domestic violence, mental health, parenting, disability, case management, community development and advocacy.

Donna Zander & Assoc. has a strong and growing reputation for providing current, practical and high quality training programs, workshops and seminars to the community, health, welfare and education sectors across Australia and the Pacific.

Donna Zander & Associates is an Accredited Social Worker by AASWDonna or our trainers can come to your organisation or community, wherever you are located, to deliver a customized education program. We can support you in planning and organising a customised training program, including providing an information package for your use and an evaluation of the session. We can bring any workshop to your workplace we already have in our suite of programs or design one to meet your specific staff and organisational needs for: skills development, knowledge enhancement, teambuilding, conflict resolution, strategic planning or review. Our training workshops are facilitated in a practical, relevant and stimulating format with a strong emphasis on the integration of theory with practice.

If you would like to find out what specific training we can provide for your organisation, please fill out our learning needs questionnaire to help us target our learning and development activities to meet your needs and the needs of your staff.


Knowledge and Clinical Skill Area

Content areas for these sessions can include:

  • Assessment of trauma and use of relevant psychometrics.
  • The impact of trauma on infants, children's and young person's brain development and keys to rebuilding and transforming brains.
  • Managing and transforming challenging behaviour of children and young people who have experienced trauma.
  • Understanding different types of trauma (emergency/disaster, grief and loss, death, relational abuse) and its impact on the body, mind, spirit, behaviour and relationships.
  • Trauma and mental health:- unravelling the links!
  • Living in a foster, kith and kin, step, blended, sole parent family- stepping into the world of the child and family and restoring balance.
  • Group work and community development models of intervention in trauma work.
  • Trauma based models of intervention for residential care settings such as: Out of Home Care, Women's refuges and inpatient psychiatric services.
  • Transformation to a "new normal" post trauma utilising therapeutic creative strategies including: play, laughter, art, animal assisted and dance.
  • Reintegration and integration of trauma versus notions of recovery- lessons learned from "Black Saturday" and the hidden disaster of family violence.
  • Recognise and respond to domestic and family violence trauma- victims, survivors and perpetrators.
  • Understanding the specific impact of sexual abuse and domestic and family violence on children and young people.
  • Dating violence: Understanding, responding to and prevention of dating violence in young people.
  • Suicide, homicide and family violence risk assessment-facing the touch stuff!
  • Parenting After trauma. "Between A Rock and A Hard Place!"
  • Disability and Domestic Violence The Double Dilemma!
  • Sleep and trauma - therapies to eradicate nightmares!
  • Migrant and refugee trauma
  • The impact of crimes of violence and the criminal process on children and young people as primary and secondary victims.
  • Specialised police training on family violence with a highly successful tailored program for Victoria Police.
  • Couples therapeutic work post trauma: Building healthy, sound intimate relationships.
  • Rights, advocacy and community development based models of practice with traumatised children, young people and women.
  • Lessons learned from hearing from the lived experience of victims, survivors and thrivers post trauma
  • Vicarious and organizational trauma
  • Community education and use of the media


Community education programs including:

  • What to expect and not expect post a disaster or trauma?: "The new normal!"
  • Those that raise awareness about the causes and consequences of child abuse and family violence in particular, the White Ribbon Campaign.
  • Normative parenting sessions including: teenagers, sole parenting and living in a blended/step family and; parenting post trauma sessions.
  • Relationship education for couples.
  • Dating violence prevention for young people.