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'Let's Beat Counting Sheep!' - Conquering Sleep Post Trauma - MELBOURNE

Presented by: Donna Zander and Adj Prof Dr.Stuart Armstrong

Date: 19th and 20th of July 2018 (2 days)

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Course overview

Donna Zander & Associates courses are endorsed CPD by AASWLet's Beat Counting Sheep - conquering sleep post trauma (2 days) Like sufferers, practitioners often avoid the issue of sleep in trauma treatment. A CBT-based approach has emerged as the 'treatment of choice' for managing sleep difficulties in trauma presentations. Sleep disruption is both a strategy and an effect of violence, abuse and trauma which profoundly effects the lives of people who have suffered. This workshop traces the interconnections between the patterns of sleeping (not sleeping), the insomnia's and the parasomnias for adults, young people and children. Many survivors experience nightmares, bed-wetting, night panic and disrupted sleep patterns following trauma. Recovery of the ability to sleep is often slow and uneven with interactive effects. Sleep difficulties impair night functioning, reduce quality of life and can cause secondary health problems. The workshop will explore proven evidence based therapeutic strategies to improve night time happenings and help to make new positive dreams come true!. Issues relating to treatment implementation and factors that mediate sufferers' responses are examined, including clinical outcomes utilising a range of case studies. Participants will have the opportunity to practice and develop skills in I.R.T.

Learning outcomes

Donna is delighted to co-present this workshop with the esteemed Adjct Prof Stuart Armstrong who graduated from the University of London with a BSc in psychology and zoology, and from La Trobe University with a PhD in psychology (Behavioural Neuroscience). He was Reader and Associate Professor in the Dept of Psychology at La Trobe and also worked in research institutes in Germany and the USA. His research work focused on the neuroscience of the sleep-wake cycle with particular emphasis on the role of the pineal hormone melatonin and bright light on the timing of the biological clock and their use in treating sleep and mood disorders. He published over 100 research articles, including in the prestigious journal Science, and was co-author of the first international patent for using melatonin for alleviating jet-lag and other circadian rhythm disorders. He became actively involved in treating the insomnias in the mid-1980's, establishing insomnia clinics first at the Melbourne Clinic in Richmond, followed by the Austin Hospital in Heidelberg then Epworth Medical Centre, Richmond and East Melbourne. His health work specialises in: (a) Psychophysiological Insomnia (learned/stress induced), (b) Idiopathic Insomnia (childhood onset), (c) Circadian Insomnias (Advanced and delayed sleep phase syndromes, jet lag, sleep in the blind, non-24hour sleep-wake disorder, irregular sleep-wake pattern, some shift work schedules) (d) nightmares and anxiety dreams, (e) withdrawal from Sleep Medication, (f) Seasonal Affective Disorder (winter depression). He took early retirement from La Trobe in 1995 to work as chief consultant (external) to the international pharmaceutical company Servier International [France]) for chronobiotic efficacy of S20098 (now marketed as Valdoxan), and (Eli Lilly [USA] for chronobiotic efficacy of its melatonin analog. Concomitantly he became Professorial Fellow (honorary) then Adjunct Professor at the Brain Sciences Institute at Swinburne University for two years. He continued his clinical health work at the Epworth Sleep Centre and Heidelberg Repatriation hospital where he became Director of the Sleep Disorders Clinic in the Veterans Psychiatry Unit. He resigned from these positions in December 2013 and relocated to Cairns FNQ where he is Adjunct Professor, College of Health Sciences, James Cook University. Participants will: 1. Increase their knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms and processes underpinning sleep in children and adults and the impact of trauma on such processes. 2. Increase knowledge of appropriate trauma sleep assessment and intervention models. 3. Be provided with the appropriate skills in assessing, intervening and supporting the long term recovery of sleep. 4. Develop creative and proven effective intervention tools for their tool box including skills in creative dreaming and I.R.T.

Price: $460.00
AASW CPE approved, APS Members & Students price: $440.00

Venue: Hotel Grand Chancellor

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