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Rights, Advocacy, Action!

Presented by: Donna Zander

Date: Thu, Mar 3th 2011 (1 day)

Course overview

Donna Zander & Associates courses are endorsed CPD by AASWHow do you ensure that the voice of children and young people is present in your practice and your organisation? Children and young people have the right to have a say in things that affect their lives and to be given opportunities to take responsibility. These rights are enshrined within the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and underpin our child protection legislation. What does this really mean in our practice? This workshop will explore a range of young people's models of participation and advocacy from individual to group to organizational from the '90s to now. It is co-facilitated with young people and aims to demonstrate advocacy in action.

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Venue: Mecure Hotel

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"Donna, Mark great job. Most useful presentation/training I have attended in a long while. Would hope this training could be accessed by other child protection staff- could be excellent for new workers!!!"

- Students who attended Young People and Domestic Violence Training