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Standing up for human rights!

We believe that people affected by homicide and serious interpersonal crime within the community are often overlooked within the community and by the government. Victims of crime often have a vast array of needs and as such we believe that victims of crime have the following basic human rights. They have the right to:

  • have a voice, and a right to have this voice heard by others with a recognised and appropriate space to voice their experiences.
  • have pertinent and up to date information and resources delivered in a manner which is proactive, affordable and timely.
  • the availability of treatment services that recognise and understand practices for appropriately addressing the impacts of trauma.


"Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labour (does) the body"

- Seneca


Donna advocates strongly for policy and legislative reform in order to make a real difference in the ways that the community addresses the safety from violation of women and children.

Donna has been instrumental in the International White Ribbon Campaign in Victoria in particular, the "Say No To Violence Project" in Nillumbik steered by the Nillumbik Women's Network. Donna is keen to end violence against women given its sheer scale and impact as the biggest health issue affecting them. As a member of this project she was invited to speak out on domestic violence at the Spring Forum in 2009 - Nillumbik Women Speak Out. Dr Natasha Campo spoke on women suffrages, four other local women spoke of the issues and challenges they have faced and Jenny Macklin MP and Danielle Green MP also addressed the forum.

She was the inaugural President of Dance Against Domestic Violence in 2007 and was instrumental in the organisation and delivery of their Inaugural White Ribbon Day dinner dance event with a group of survivors of domestic violence. The goal was to raise public awareness of domestic violence and the White Ribbon Campaign as well as raise funds for domestic violence services. Channel 9 provided national television media coverage with the 9am program with Donna and Neil Owen.

Members of the D.A.D.V. Board

Members of the D.A.D.V. Board: from left Ann Hilton (Founder and Vice-President) and dance partner, Neil Owen (former Victoria Police Officer, Treasurer), Tessa Jetson (Secretary), Grace Fiori (Assistant Secretary) , Karen Langdren (Assistant Treasurer) and Donna Zander.

Donna was a trainer for the Domestic Violence Crisis Service Victoria media project where she supported women with personal knowledge and experience of family violence to speak out to the media. At Donna Zander and Associates we strive to be fearless advocates for all survivors of violence, with particular focus on women and children and their need for safety, respect and care. On a number of occasions Donna has appeared on Australian television including Ten News, 9's 9AM, 7's Sunrise, and SBS's Insight, advocating the importance of keeping women and children safe from violation.

Donna attends and speaks out annually with survivors of violence and rape at the Reclaim The Night event held on the last Thursday in October in Victoria. This event is held annually across the world and its focus is on women claiming back their right to freedom from violence and or their threat of violence. One in three women and one in five men experience sexual assault in their lifetime and this event is an avenue for those survivors to have a voice and collectively say no and educate the general community about this. Reclaim the Night is a night on which incredible women, young people and children speak or sing of their lives and experiences, where we all march to end violence, and finish up with a party!


"Given the right support, we all have within ourselves the capacity to find our own solutions"

- Seneca


Donna has a workshop in training "Rights, Advocacy, Action!" which explores the theories and practice of advocacy. View our 12 month course calendar.


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Human Rights

Donna Zander with Rachel Kayrooz at White Ribbon

Donna at the National White Ribbon Day Dinner in Sydney with Rachel Kayrooz the founder of Shout Out Speak Out, an orgsanisation run by and for survivors of domestic violence in Queensland.